Lead Therapist

Mohamad Hassoun MA LPC CAADC MAC

Investing in all elements of the human condition is crucial to reaching balance and states of serenity. My approach to treatment is beyond a symptom management approach. I am more interested in assisting my patients in locating the source(s) of their presenting problems. Despite your level of motivation to make changes, as a team we can advance commitments to transcend beyond the surface of concerns.   I work with adolescents and adults that may be involved with the legal system and mandated to attend counseling services. I specialize in relapse and recidivism prevention, domestic violence and anger management (CBT based programs available). I also specialize in treating emotional management disorders; such as depression and anxiety.   

In addition, I utilize a holistic approach: Transpersonal Therapy. The word "transpersonal" comes from the Latin "trans," meaning beyond, and "persona," meaning mask. Transpersonal therapy seeks to reveal the person behind the personality. Common practices include mindfulness, meditation, breathing techniques, detachment, inner child work, etc.

I am a fully licensed professional counselor (LPC), a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor (CAADC) in the state of Michigan, and obtained my Master Addiction Counselor (MAC) credential from the national Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals.  My experience encompasses servicing clients in outpatient clinical settings, private practice, and (inpatient) residential and hospital treatment settings.