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Addiction Recovery

Mohamad Hassoun MA LPC CAADC MAC

Investing in all elements of the human condition is crucial to reaching balance and states of serenity. Recovering from addiction is a phenomenon of human restoration and requires an approach that is beyond symptom management.


Prior to treating a complex condition such as addiction, substantial amount of time is required to investigate the underlying conditions that lead to the addiction. Thinking styles and personality traits have been established prior the onset of any form of substance use. Personal patterns and methods of operation have a history. Understanding the history is a pre-requisite. Developing awareness on the inner conflicts provides the change participant an opportunity to interrupt the patterns of stagnation.

Enhancing inner capacities in addition to external modifications can lead to healing and recovery. Every human being encompasses the ability to transform. Recovering from addiction is an internal and an external transaction.   

Addiction is a form of “Doing” something about the “Being”, aimed at inflating pleasure or deflating pain. Recovery is a process of incorporating the being and the doing. More insight is available on the process of integrating the human dimensions under the PUBLICATION tab on this site.   

I am a fully licensed professional counselor (LPC), a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor (CAADC) in the state of Michigan, and obtained my Master Addiction Counselor (MAC) credential from the national Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals.  My experience encompasses servicing clients in outpatient clinical settings, private practice, and (inpatient) residential/correctional and hospital treatment settings.


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